Club deportivo de Bilbao. New façade

2002-2003 | Club Deportivo de Bilbao

The project responds to the needs of the Client to renew the original façade, providing a significant image to its headquarters in the city center and improving the construction quality.

Due to the importance of the building´s location, and its unique use within the urban fabric of the center of Bilbao, in the Alameda de Rekalde, in one of the main accesses, a façade renovation was designed that would provide an unique, modern and dynamic image.

The new façade was built using glass boxes rotated alternately following the original façades planes, generating a zig-zag effect.

These glass boxes extend the interior space of the lounges and gym. Moreover, these extentions are passable, so that they can be circulated on them offering a new vision of the city center to the users of the Club.