IES Txorierri BHI. New building and extension

2022 | Department of Education - Basque government

1st price

Atxurra Zelaieta architects has been awarded, together with Gurtubay arquitectos and associates, for the drafting of the execution project, complementary works and facultative management of the construction works of a New Building at the IES Txorierri BHI in Derio, Bizkaia.

The new building is located perpendicular to the current building and consist of three floors above ground. A ground floor and two upper floors that house the teaching and administration area. In addition, it has a lower floor in the basement for the gym and general services at the level of the outdoor sports courts. The volume blends in with the current building and is integrated into it, as an extension to matxh its two arms.

Te intervention is part of contemporary architecture, undoubtedly from the constructive and functional, but also from the visual, even from the conceptual. Working with few elements, prioritizing the definition of space and habitability.

Photos: Biderbost Photo