New Laudio Health Center

2021 | Osakidetza

1st price

The new Laudio Health Center forms the finishing corner of the Lateorro urban park and configures the San Martín street.

The result is a simple volume with a rectangular plan, shaped by two patios open to the south. It consist of three staggered volumes that accommodates consultations that are illuminated through the patios, and a longitudinal volume of four floors, which includes the rest of the administrative uses, services, facilities and vertical communications cores.

The Health Center is developed in such a wayt that, from its access, each user can get into the care area they need to go without interfering with the rest. Each area is located due to its accessibility and suitability of use, having its own waiting area.

The building responds with its volumetrically more characteristic and representative façade to the urban center, so it will be recognized immediately as a sanitray facility.