GKN headquarters. Zumaia

2016 | GKN driveline

The client, GKN driveline, a world leader in automotive driveline systems, required a modernization of the image of the access to its plant and offices.

The intervention included the following spaces: the reception and waiting areas, the toilest and the design of a “showroom” route from the lobby to the access to the production plant showing the products manufactured in GKN.

The project proposes a route that leads the visitors from one exhibitor to another, walking between crystalline meeting rooms until the access to the production plant.

Glass is used as a vertical coating and epoxy paints on floors. The finishes and furniture convey transparency, fluidity and modernity.

The large entrance canopy is wrapped with a mirrored aluminum that dematerializes it and introduces natural light to the access area of the lobby.

This project was developed together with the Zorrozua company and associates.