CEIP Rontegi HLHI. Multisports court cover

2020 | Department of Education - Basque Government

1st price

The solution adopted consists of a large translucent cover that covers two outdoor play areas at different levels: the sports court and the upper children’s play area.

To promote the lighting of these outdoor spaces, a translucent blue polycarbonate cover is chosen.

To better protect against inclement weather, it has been decided to generate vertical slopes with the same roof material in the east and west areas, following the idea of a shell. In addition, the roof has been prolonged in both its northern and southern areas, with the intention of covering the spaces around the sports court.

The roof is made by a main structure based on arcades, each of them generated by a truss, made with tubular steel profiles, and supported by 3 circular steel supports, one on each side of the sports court and another on the right side of the children’s play area.